JMH - Garden services
JMH  -
Garden Services

Give us call and we will arrange a visit to discuss your requirements.

  • Grass cutting
  • Shrubs and hedges trimmed/pruned
  • Flowerbeds weeded
  • Edges re-instated
  • Moles treated
  • Trees felled ( priced per job)

House Keeping

Tailored to your requirements.

On Arrival
  • Complete clean of interior
  • Beds made up
  • Water/Electricity on
  • Essentials shop (if required)

After departure
  • Bedding taken to launderette or put away
  • Services turned off

We undertake all manner of services in the home and garden, we have an extensive contact list of artisans who are reliable and fairly priced, however, if we do not currently have a particular artisan for work required, we will search your local area for you and retain their services on your behalf. 

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