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Wine Racks
10 - 60 bouteille/bottles
6 -36  bouteille/bottles
6 - 36 bouteille/bottles
Rustic trug/wine bottle holder

Rustic wall mounted bottle holder
6, 10 or 12 bottles

Hand made from reclaimed wood with a natural rope surround

Wax finish in medium or dark oak 
antique pine

from 2100€/£17.99

Wine Racks/Champagne Riddler 
10 - 60 bouteille/bottles
5 - 25 bouteille/bottles
The racks start with a strip that will hold 5, 6 or 10  or 12 bottles or made to your requirements, up to a complete frame which will hold up to 60 bottles
Other sizes designs available on request.
Available in Oak or Pine

Wax finsh in medium or  dark oak 
antique pine 

For a small additional charge
 painted to a colour of your choice
From /Partir £19.99/24.99€

Rustic trug/wine bottle holder 
2, 4 or 6 bottles

Hand made from reclaimed wood, the wood is waxed and finished with hand forged Rose Head nails
from 21.00€/£17.99

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